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Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the best Aluminium & MS surface treatment option out there. Since its invention in the 1960s, it has been used in countless applications on a wide range of products. Powder-coated aluminium products are more durable, environmentally compliant, and easier to manufacture.

JM marketing is proud to be the leading innovator in this dry finishing process. We provide protective, functional, and decorative finishes in various colours and textures for very low prices. Worried about rising powder coated price in Kolkata? Don’t be.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art in-house powder coating plant, we’re able to provide premium-grade powder coatings at very low prices. Our coatings are super-durable & highly resistant to external threats like chemical damage from industrial-strength acidic cleaners.

Powder Coatings by JM Marketing: Powered by JMD Udyog

How does JM Marketing offer the most cost-effective deals on powder coatings for aluminium and MS profiles in Kolkata? It’s simple. We provide custom aluminium products with the strongest powder coatings. These coatings make our clients’ products last for several decades without any dents, cracks, or other damages.

We create these coatings at our in-house powder coating plant called JMD Udyog in Ankurhati, Howrah, West Bengal. In this state-of-the art powder coating plant, we create powder coatings of all colours, finishes, and textures using advanced tools like –

Consistency is key when it comes to creating robust powder-coated surfaces and that’s what the advanced tools & systems at JMD Udyog enable us to achieve.

Advantages of Power Coating

Is powder coated aluminium windows price in Kolkata justified? Absolutely. There are countless technical, mechanical, aesthetic, and functional benefits of getting these powder coatings.

No Peel-Offs

If an aluminium product has JM marketing’s powder coating, it will never crack, peel, corrode, or lose its colours.

Enhanced Durability

Aluminium products are already pretty resistant to wear & tear. Powder coatings make them ten times more resilient to scratching, wearing, chipping, or fading. That’s why powder-coated aluminium window prices in Kolkata are justifiably higher than normal, non-coated windows.

Thermal Bonding

JM marketing’s powder coatings form thermal bonds with the products they’re applied to. These super-strong bonds never break, even if your products experience impact damage, environmental damage, or chemical corrosion.


Our powder coatings have anti-microbial capabilities. They feature positively charged ions that prevent the growth of microbes, mildew, and other microbial organisms on product surfaces.

Applications of Powder Coatings

Toto Body Chasis

We’re the pioneers of MS profile coating services in India. Every year, we coat thousands of toto body chassis. Our powder coatings are extremely popular in West Bengal’s automotive industry. They add heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength to all types of aluminium structures used in the automotive industry.

Hospital Beds

Our antimicrobial powder coatings help create safe and hygienic environments in many hospitals & surgical facilities. Our coating cans be applied to hospital beds, handrails lifts, wheelchairs, and other metal equipment used inside hospitals.

MS Items Powder

Bring us any item, regardless of its shape or size, and we’ll provide you with custom coating solutions. Our coatings give these components improved surface mileage, impeccable finishes, and increased durability.

Other Accessories

From high-performance brake callipers to wall panels to architectural components to aluminium curtain walls - JM marketing’s powder coatings are used on a variety of metal objects.

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