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We Provide The Best Products & Services For You

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The Finest laminates Dealers in Kolkata

Laminates can add strength, aesthetics, and various functional capabilities to any property. Whether you use them as décor tools or as homebuilding tools - high-quality, corrosion-resistant laminates never fail to deliver. At JM Marketing, we’re proud to be one of the country’s leading suppliers of reinforced laminates. Our laminates have incredible mechanical properties which make them usable in a variety of situations. Download our laminate brochures to learn more about what the best laminates supplier in Kolkata has to offer for you! Our another vast area of supply is Paper Based Decorative Laminate sheets. Dealing in various size and thickness we have a major stock of these sheets and can be easily installed on Plywood /MDF board Our major brand included Safetouch Laminates, Safelam Door Skin, Onyx Door skin, Glayer laminate and many more.  

Why Buy Laminates?

JM Marketing is the leading laminates dealer in Kolkata. That’s because our laminates & laminates are highly resistant to cracks, fatigue, weather damage, and impact damage. These qualities make JM Marketing’s custom laminates highly durable and cost-effective.

Applications of Our Laminates

As the leading laminates supplier in Kolkata, our products support various industries & companies. They include –

Exterior Décor

Interior Décor


Corporate Design

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