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Aluminium Sections

Aluminium Sections

JM Marketing is one of the leading dealers of aluminium sections, ACP & paper-based laminates in Kolkata. We specialize in providing aluminium sections, laminate sheets, and extrusions. Our team has unrivalled experience & knowledge in the supply of finished aluminium products. Our aluminium sections are extruded aluminium products that can be used for all types of structural applications where strength & durability are required.
Our production team operates some of the most advanced anodising, polishing & fabrication tools in the world. Our facilities are also up to international standards. The combination of experience, advanced technology, and world-class facilities makes JM Marketing the leading aluminium supplier in Kolkata.

What Makes Our Aluminium Sections Special?

Thanks to our cutting-edge aluminium extrusion machines, we’re one of the leading aluminium sheet dealers in Kolkata. These machines are equipped with the latest ancillary tools & features such as - CNCs, EDM wire cuts, etc. Thanks to these tools, we’re able to create aluminium sections that have superior surface finish.

These tools also allow us to produce intricate customised aluminium sections. We’ve created aluminium section designs that have helped customers of various manufacturing segments.

Aluminium Sections Applications

Our aluminium sections are weather-resistant, non-combustible & non-toxic. So, they’re usable everywhere – indoors & outdoors.


Solar panel frames, protective structures for working platforms, and other similar applications


Build frameworks for your doors, windows, curtain walls, etc. with our aluminium sections.


Build cable channels systems, air conditioning, cabinets, insulated cabins, and more.

We also provide aluminium sections that are used to build casements, curtain wall structures, glazing, window frames, and more.