We Provide The Best Products & Services For You


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We Provide The Best Products & Services For You

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We are authorised dealers of jindal aluminium products
We offer Aluminium Panel Sheets, Sections, Customised Doors & Windows and More
Enriching Lifestyles With Complete Aluminium
Door & Window Solutions

Authorised Dealer of Jindal Aluminium

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About Us

Welcome to JM Marketing

JM Marketing is the leading Aluminium, ACP, laminate, coating services (one stop solution) supplier in Kolkata dealing with sections from JINDAL ALUMINIUM Bangalore. For 22+ years, we’ve supplied premium-grade aluminium section(architectural), sheets, rolls to countless customers. We have long-standing relationships with over 50 industry-leading companies.

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Our Products

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Our Services

Our service and distribution centers are led by highly trained professionals who are always accessible. They handle claims promptly and guide our customers through their purchasing process. Our services include –

Why Choose Us

Dedicated to Excellence

We wouldn’t be the best aluminium supplier in Kolkata without our customers & partners. Thankfully, we do well in both categories. Here’s why our customers & partners choose us –


At JM Marketing, we believe that if the underlying quality of your materials is poor, your finished product will also be poor. That’s why using high-grade materials in structural, construction, or other fabrication processes is vital. Being the leading aluminium supplier in Kolkata, it’s our duty to uphold these standards and pave way for top-quality projects.

Low Prices

The tag of “the most reliable aluminium supplier in Kolkata” comes with various responsibilities. Helping our customers avoid unnecessary costs is one of them. For example, we always recommend optimal sheet sizes to our clients to help them avoid downstream processing. Through these steps, we add extra value to our client’s projects.

On Target

Be it machining, forming, or creating powder coatings – we do it all by ourselves. JM Marketing’s team is self-reliant and always on target.

Our Dealers

Reliable Performance